On 30 September 2011, Oleodinamica Forlivese has reached an important milestone in the company's Quality System Certification in accordance with the International Normative UNI EN ISO 9001.

The certification was issued by TUV NORD Italy Srl, part of TUV NORD, which represents one of the major organizations working in the national and international scene.

The certified activities include the production of hydraulic actuators.

This certification attests the efficiency of the quality system, the objective is the Continuous Improvement, the main tool for the implementation of the Zero Defect Strategy, in terms of products and services offered to Customers.

This system involves administrative and technical actions applied to the whole business system, in a steady, planned and documented manner. The main objectives are:

  • Full Customer Satisfaction
  • Systematic improvement of the corporate management
  • Increased market competitiveness
  • Constant and continuous improvement of product quality and quality system.

Decisive for the products quality is the selection of suppliers and the implementation of adequate control plans of the production process.

All staff is involved in the quality policy, because the quality is a responsibility of each person and the Customer Satisfaction is our primary goal.

On 5 March 2015, Oleodinamica Forlivese achieved the Type Approval related to hydraulic cylinders for Offshore applications, according to the DNV Standard for Certification 2.9 - Type Approval program No. 5-778.93 hydraulic cylinders. The DNV Type Approval No. P-15132 was issued, along with the Standard for Certification 2.22 Lifting Appliances 2013.