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Nominal working pressure: 250 bar (25 MPa) 
Maximum working pressure: 320 bar (32 MPa) 
Liner: E355 SR EN 10305 -1 steel liner, polished inside Ra<0.4 tolerance H8 
End plug: S355JR - ASTM A105 steel
Rod: Steel alloy 42CrMo4 +QT chromed Ra<0.2 tolerance f7 corrosion resistance 200h NSS ISO 9227 (Neutral salt spray fog test) rating > 9 ISO 10289. Corrosion resistant rods on request 500h, 1000h
Pilot boss: Steel C45.
Piston: Steel C45
Integrated linear location sensor: Magnetostrictive “no contact” technology guarantees long lasting performance. Connecting system with M12 IP67 connectors. Can be provided with analogue output (in voltage or current) or digital (PWM/CAN/J1939). For more information please contact our technical office.
Sealing system: Double rod seal, main one in PTFE + Bronze and secondary one in polyurethane. Piston seal in PTFE + Bronze with energizing ring in NBR90 and anti-extrusion rings in PTFE. Rod and piston seals in phenolic resin. O-rings in NBR70, Anti-extrusion rings in polyester. Hydraulic testing: Each cylinder undergoes hydraulic testing at 350 bars (35 MPa) of pressure.
Terms and conditions: Cylinders are supplied unassembled with feed ports closed with threaded, sealed plugs. Special coatings can be applied on customer request.
Suggested fluid: hydraulic mineral oil, minimum filtration fineness 19/15 a, ISO 4406.
Operating temperature: from -20°C to 80°C. It is recommended to maintain fluid temperatures of 40÷50°C while in operation in order to maximize seal life.
Radial load: prohibited; during use never subject the rod to radial loads.
Welding: do not weld so as not to damage the location sensor.
Coating: when applying a coating to the cylinder with oven drying the temperature should never exceed 80°C. If coating is applied with the rod removed, ensure that the rod is well-protected; before reinsertion remove any coating residue on the rod in order to avoid damaging the wiper and rod seal. For powdered or electrostatic coatings, the sensor should be adequately protected from electrostatic loads; please contact our technical office for suggestions.
Warning: please refer to the product instructions. The manufacturer, aiming to constantly improve the product, reserves the right to modify the product at any time without prior notice.
Warranty: Warranty terms and conditions can be found at the following website: www.oleodinamicafo.com/condizioni_EN.pdf


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